What is an EV SSL and how are they issued?

With more and more business being done online, it is more important than ever that your customer’s information (credit card numbers, passwords, personal details, etc.) are encrypted and kept secure when being sent over the internet. To ensure this information is safe, you will need to have an SSL certificate installed on your website. But not all SSL certs are the same.

For maximum security and to instill the most amount of trust, an Extended Validation (EV) certificate is the best choice. While securing the information with the highest levels of encryption, an EV cert will also display a green bar in the address bar. This green address bar is understood worldwide as the gold standard of website security and trust.

In order to be able to get an EV cert, you will need to verify that your online business is attached to a legitimate business in the real world. Manual checks are done on the business name, address, phone number against public directories and the process usually takes a couple of days to complete.

The price for an EV cert is €299.95 + VAT and it needs to be renewed every year. The verification process only needs to be completed once (on initial setup), and the renewal each year is a seamless process. Place an order for your EV cert today and bring the security of your website and your visitors trust of your business to the next level!

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