Do you offer SSL Certificates and are there different types?

We offer SSL Certificates at very competitive rates. We can also take care of installing this cert for you. With major browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome already displaying an ‘insecure’ message on websites which are not set up with an SSL cert, it has never been more important to get an SSL cert set up on your website. However, not all SSL certs are the same. LetsHost offer 3 different types of SSL certs, each suitable for different types of use.

First is the Basic SSL cert. This is the cheapest SSL option and would be the best entry point for getting traffic to/from your website encrypted. With this cert, you will have a green padlock visible in the address bar beside your website address. This tells your visitors that the information they submit on your website (such as login details, credit card information, etc) is encrypted and secure. A basic cert will cover a domain name and its ‘www.’ subdomain, or a specific subdomain. For example, a basic cert will cover ‘’ and ‘’ or ‘’. The cost for a basic SSL cert is €120.95 + VAT per year and is generally set up within a few hours.

The basic SSL cert will cater for most websites needs, but what if you want to secure everything on your domain (including subdomains)? This is where the Wildcard SSL Cert comes in. A wildcard cert will cover a domain name (such as ‘’) and all of its subdomains (such as ‘’,’’, ‘’, etc.). The cost for a wildcard SSL cert is €228.95 + VAT per year and is generally set up within a few hours.

The third type of cert that we offer is the Extended Validation (EV) SSL Cert. This works in a similar way to the basic cert, but instead of showing the padlock beside your website address, it shows the company name in a green bar in the address bar. This EV SSL cert has shown to greatly increase visitor confidence and trust in your website. Anyone serious about doing business online should have an EV SSL cert. If you visit our own website, you will see the EV cert in place. Because of the thorough checks done on a business before an EV cert can be awarded, the set up time for this type of cert can be anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks. The cost for an EV SSL cert is €344.95 + VAT per year.

If you are interested in getting an SSL cert set up on your website, contact our Sales team today and they will be happy go through the most suitable options for your business.

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