How do I transfer a domain to LetsHost? What do I need?

Please see the following for the steps involved in transferring the registration of a .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info domain to LetsHost. Before initiating a domain transfer, we recommend ensuring the following:

– The domain is unlocked for transfer

– You have access to the admin contact email address for the domain

– You have the EPP key/transfer code for the domain

Your current registration provider will assist with the above.


Step 1: You will need to place an order via the following link

Step 2: After the order is processed, an email is then sent to the admin contact email address for the domain requesting authorisation. Please read this through and input your EPP key into this email. Please do not send your EPP key to us directly, the domain transfer cannot be authorised this way.

Step 3: Your current registration provider will work with LetsHost from here and the transfer generally completes 7-10 days after this point.

Step 4: Once the transfer completes, and the domain registration is now with LetsHost and you will receive an email confirming same.

Please note that you cannot transfer domains within 60 days of initial registration/renewal or after the domain has expired. Also, note that the DNS information on your domain will not automatically update when you transfer the registration of the domain to LetsHost. If required, this is something you will manually need to do via your client area after the transfer has completed.

To transfer a .ie domain, you will need to provide an Authorisation code from your current provider when ordering the domain online.

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