How do I set up my emails on Google Apps/Gsuite?

If your domain name uses Google Apps (Gsuite) for its email service, you need to manually point your domain names email service to it. This is done by changing your domain names Mail Exchanger (MX) records. You will need to change your current MX record to the following MX records [Host (Priority)]:


To set up the above MX records, you have a couple of options (depending on how your domain is set up nameserver-wise):

1. If your domain is pointing to a hosting account with Letshost, you will need to update the DNS zone through your cPanel account:

   1. Login to cPanel -

   2. Go to Zone Editor

   3. Next to your domain name click +MX record

   4. Add the 'priority' and 'destination' you have above and click save.

   5. Repeat the above step until you added the 5 MX records.

   6. Once you added all the MX records, Click 'Manage'

   7. Remove the MX record with priority 0 and your domain name as the destination

Note: Please make sure your domain is pointing to, and or, and

2. If your domain is using nameservers and, you will need to update the DNS zone through your client area:

   1. Login to your Client Area

   2. Go to Domains > Managed DNS

   3. Click the edit option, it is the first option next to your domain name

   4. Click 'Add Record'

   5. For 'Name' add your domain name, for 'Type' chose MX, for 'Rdata', preference enter the priority and exchange is the destination

   6. Add Record

   7. Repeat the above steps until you added all the MX records

Note: Please make sure your domain is pointing to and

If you have any questions on the above, please Open a Ticket and a member of the team will be happy to assist further.

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