Should Companies Quit Social Media?

Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin – 81% of us have a social media account*. It’s the way we connect, the way we consume, the way we communicate. And it’s no surprise that it’s the way that brands share their stories with us. This is, after all, the on-trend way to engage with your audience… or so we’re told.

However, in a move that goes against all conventional marketing, leading pub chain Wetherspoon’s has announced that it will be quitting social media – for its brand and its associated 900 pubs.

In a statement Wetherspoon’s chairman, Tim Martin, said: “It’s becoming increasingly obvious that people spend too much time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and struggle to control the compulsion.” He also briefly touched on concerns around the misuse of personal data and online trolling.

Sceptics have questioned whether this ‘get out quick’ approach might be for the latter of those issues, with breaching personal data such a hot topic in the media at the moment.

Whatever the rationale, it has sparked debate as to whether social media is a tool that adds value, or just adds unnecessary noise. Here we examine both cases of the argument.



Despite the many positive reasons to have a social media presence, there may be good reason for businesses to ‘do a Wetherspoon’s’ and come off social media altogether. Here’s why:

  1. Does your core audience use social media and are you adding value to them, be it customer support or give-aways? If you answered no to this, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy
  2. If you are uncertain about protecting and using customer data
  3. To reduce overheads with a smaller marketing team/agency support
  4. Publicity – doing something dramatically different is bound to get you headlines, be a very short-term way to achieve this
  5. If you’d rather keep customer service offline


For those of you in the ‘remain’ camp, your logic may well be awarded. As one of the greatest promotional tools available, at very little or no cost, there’s a ton of good reasons to have a social media presence, here’s just some:

  1. In just a few clicks, it’s an instant way to reach customers – whether it’s sales, news or promotions. This is said to help drive traffic, drive sales and drive engagement, if done correctly
  2. It’s a great way for big companies such as South West Trains and Hermes to deal with customer complaints, with dedicated handles set to show their commitment to customers
  3. Some would argue that it’s better to be part of the conversation and have a space to air your voice, than to allow others to talk on your behalf
  4. In this tech-world we live in, it’s often the first-place customers go to find out more information about your product or company
  5. It shows off your brand personality and allows you to relate to customers in a way no other channels do
  6. It encourages talk ability, viral sharing of your content, and above all – it show’s that you’re a modern brand

Whether you think it is important to have a social media account, or you should ditch them altogether, we can all agree that every business should have a website. offer a number of services to help you get your website online. Visit us today and let us help your business reach its full potential.

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