I want to set up a website, what do I need?

To create a website, you will need 3 things. A domain name, a hosting account, and a method of building a website.

  1. The domain name will be your website address (eg. ‘letshost.ie’) and will form part of your email address (eg. ‘sales@letshost.ie’)
  2. The hosting account is like a storage account on the internet – it will store/host all your website files and emails/email accounts
  3. To actually build a new website, you have a number of options. You can pay a website designer, build it yourself using free tools available online or use paid-for software to build it.

LetsHost can provide all of these things for you. We have a website builder product to allow you to builder your website. It is a template-based design tool. It is very easy to use and has lots of modern templates to choose from. Contact us today if you would like to try out the free demo or if would like more information.

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