Bulk deleting emails in webmail


It is possible to bulk-delete a large number of emails from your account. This feature may be useful if you wish to delete all emails older than a certain date, from a specific sender, with a specific subject, etc.

In order to bulk-delete emails from an email account, you will need to do this from your cPanel:

 1. Log in to your LetsHost Client Area and click on Services > My Services

 2. You will see your products/services listed out here. Click on Manage beside your hosting package

 3. On the left under Actions, click on the link Login to cPanel

 4. Once logged in to cPanel, click on the Email Disk Usage icon

 5. From here you will have a drop-down which will let you select the email account you wish to edit

 6. You will get a list of all of the emails folders here, click Manage next to the one from which you want email removed

 7. Choose how the mail will be deleted and click Delete Permanently

If you require further information/assistance on this, please Open a Ticket and a member of the team will be happy to assist further.

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