How to view email headers in Webmail

Sometimes when you are experiencing an issue with email, accessing the email headers will provide some helpful to find the root cause of the issue. If you have a ticket open with the Support Dept. on the email, you might be asked to provide email headers. Depending on how you normally access your emails, steps to view the email headers will be different for each email client/interface.

For information on understanding the contents of email headers, please visit this link. To view your email headers in Webmail, please see the following information.

In Roundcube:

  1. Open the email that you want to get the header information for
  2. Click the > More > option along the top and then click >Show Source

In Horde:

  1. Open the mail that you want to get the header information for
  2. To the far right of the subject line, there is a + icon, click this then click > View Source

If you require any further information/assistance here, please feel free to  Open a Ticket with our Support Dept. and the team will be happy to help further.

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