LetsHost have a number of optional services available to provide technical support and assistance with customers Virtual Private Servers.


We have updated the VPS Management page on the www.letshost.ie website, to provide clarity on the services provided and deltail the levels or service/response a customer can expect.


By default, we provide full support for the underlying infrastructure supporting a VPS.  This includes:

  • 24x7 proactive server hardware monitoring and problem response (Monitoring of underlying server equipment).
  • Hardware issues detection with 4 hour response.

Customers can manage all aspects of your VPS from the Customer Portal including reboots, remote KVM, etc.


LetsHost offer 2 further levels of support which are aimed at providing technical support and/or assistance in the event of issues at the VPS level.


Basic Management - includes all hardware management, as above, and customers also receive up to 2 hours reactive systems administration per month (max 4 support tickets per month).  This is provided by our systems engineers during normal business hours.  This service is charged on a monthly or annual basis.


Advanced Management - Incudes all Basic Management and Hardware Management, with the addition of 2 extra hours systems administration support (max 8 support tickets per month) and on a 24x7 basis.  In addition, LetsHost will also provide Kernel updates, Firewall rule management, Backup configuration, software installs, to be included in the package.  This service is charged on a monthly or annual basis.


A further ad-hoc support service is also available.  This is a chargable service that provides customers with access to our systems administrators to assist with problems or issues on a per incident basis.  Customers who use this service would generally have a good knowledge of systems administration themselves, and require assistance in the event of an issue arising that they are unsure of or worried about carrying out themselves.


Customers can expect an initial response to any support requests within a 4 hour timescale (within the hours specified in their support plan).


LetsHost can also provide a service monitoring service, whereby customers will be notified of systems or services issues.  This is an automated system that detects the availability of a pre-defined server (eg ping, http, ssh, etc).  In the event of the automated system detecting an issue, the monitoring service can send and email or SMS text message to inform the customer of the issue.  Customers will then be able to take appropriate action to resolve the issue directly or make use of the management options detailed above.  This service is charged on a per service basis.


Full details of the VPS management options, together with pricing, can be found on this web page:  http://www.letshost.ie/vps/packages/management/

Sunday, March 4, 2012

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