At LetsHost, we take the security of our servers very seriously. One of the primary goals of any web hosting provider is to provide a secure, reliable and robust platform for our customers to host their website, files and email.

We implement multiple layers of security to provide an extremely robust security system, to detect and prevent malicious automated "bots" and hackers access to our customers important files, while allowing genuine users and site visitors open access to their websites, emails and files.

On occassion, however, our systems can detect that a genuine upload, or visitor as a malicious one, and this can result in the IP address of that use to become blocked on our firewalls.  When this happens, only the one individual user gets blocked.

We have an automated system in place that will allow a genuine customer to unblock their IP address from the LetsHost firewall.  If you get blocked on the firewall, a message will appear when you visit your website, with a link to allow you to log in to an unblock script.  Once logged in to this system, an automated request is placed in the LetsHost firewall system to unblock the IP address.  This process runs every 15 minutes.  We have reviewed this system, and while it is functional, it does lack some aspects.  For example, there is no indication as to why you were blocked in the first place, and it can take up to 15 minutes to unblock your IP - this is too long.


Today, we are delighted to announce the introduction of our new Firewall Unblocking system.


If you get blocked on the LetsHost firewall, please follow these steps to lift the IP restriction:

1. Log in to your account at
2. Once logged in, select "Support", followed by "Unblock IP" - as soon as you click this option, the system will immediately check to see if you are blocked on the firewall, and immediately unblock you
(we have verified you are a genuine user, as you have logged in to your account with your username and password).  You will also receive a pop up box detailing why your IP was blocked. 
This all happens in real time, and there is no waiting around to get unblocked.


Lastly, you can also unblock any other users IP address.  So if you have  auser that reports an issue, you can log in to the client area and unblock the IP address (you need to know the blocked IP address to enter it in to the space provided)


If you have any issues with the automated unblocking system, please open a support ticket from within the Client area.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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